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Last update December 13,2000.

Things Beer Local to SE Wisconsin.

  • Here is a List of Milwaukee area Homebrew Shops
  • Of course a List of Milwaukee area Homebrew Clubs.
  • Here is a review of Chicago area Pubs.
  • Check out the happenings at the Chicago Beer Society.
  • Lake Front Brewery is now online. Check them out.
  • There is a great resource for Beer in Milwuakee. Cream City Suds.

    Things Beer For Anywhere.

  • I have built a two tiered brewery. I like to call it my Pigmy Nano-Brewery.
  • I drilled my old Aluminum kettle to use as a hot liqour tank. Here is my valve I put into the side. Poor asci art, but it might help.
  • Look at my review of 5 litre keg brands.
  • I asked about why plastic should not be used for bottling. I am still not convinced. I use plastic sometimes anyhow!
  • Read about Beer in Space!!!
  • To get a list of current and upcoming events in the Homebrewing world, try the American Homebrewers Association calendar of events.
  • Here is my recipe for Rice Beer. This is not Sake, but rather uses 40% rice in the mash. VERY popular brew for non homebrewing friends.
  • Here is my procedure for using a Counter Pressure Bottle Filler.
  • If you are interested in the Homebrewing archives, including images like the beer labels here, try the Homebrew Archive at Stanford.

    Things Beer Elsewhere.

    Rather than extensive links to things beer, try these sites where you can find quite a few links already made.
  • You can go to my bookmarks and follow the HomeBrew links. (Last update August 26, 1997.)
  • My favorite site is The Brewery. It has an online recipe book, and some great documentation in their library.
  • Spencer's Beer Page
    If you have any comments, ideas, or links to be added, let me know.
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